How to Spend the Best Summer Vacations in Pakistan?

Thanks to almighty Allah, Pakistan has four seasons – summer, winter, autumn, and spring. Summer is the longest and toughest season in the country. For that, schools and universities spare 2 to 3 months of summer vacation every year. It is the time when many families plan their holidays.

Spending summer vacations in Pakistan is simultaneously the most enjoyable time and the most crucial as well. The reason is that kids wait for summer vacations the whole year. But when it gets time, they are often blacked out because there are too many options to do during the vacations, but they can only do some of those.

That’s the point and topic of discussion for today’s post – how to spend the best summer vacations in Pakistan? This post lists some famous places you can visit this summer, besides some activities you can do to make the most out of the holiday.

So, without further delay, let’s get started!

The Best Ways to Spend Summer Vacations in Pakistan

Summer vacations are about more than just northern areas. Many of us can’t afford or make time to travel to discover the beauty of the country on the northern side. For that, we have listed some exciting activities and options to do during the summertime.

Things to Do When Not Going Out of the City

Dive Into that Pool

Building a backyard pool is uncommon in Pakistan for several reasons: 

  1. It’s expensive
  2. It requires a regular water supply
  3. It requires an ample space

So, where would you dive in? No worries. We have another option for you.

You can buy small portable pools in Pakistan and have these installed in the backyard, roof, or other open space good enough to accommodate the pool.

Kids love bathing in the pool in the summer. Want more? Call on your kids’ friends at home for a small pool party. Arrange some healthy snacks and drinks for summer and make it a party like never before. And when they are done playing in the water, empty the pool, pack it up, and put it in storage.

Take the Child to Camp

Another best way to make things exciting during the summer is to install a camp for kids in the back or front yard, equip it with your kid’s favorite toys, and ask them to play, study, and sleep there. This activity might not sound interesting to you, but kids love such activities. It’s their small adventure, making them super adventurous when they grow up.

You can replicate the previous tip to spend the best summertime – calling your kid’s friends to make camping more adventurous.

Time to Head Out

Enough with home activities. Your child deserves a day out at least once a week. So, where are you heading today?

If you live in the twin cities – Islamabad-Rawalpindi – you can plan a day trip to Joyland in Rawalpindi (near Ayub Park), Ayub Park, Jinnah Park, Fatima Jinnah Park, Japanese Garden, Jasmin Garden, Damn-e-Koh, or (not to mention) Dino Valley.

For those living in Lahore, you have Jillani Park, Sozo Water Park, Lahore Zoo, Jallo Park, Safari Park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Model Town Park Lahore Joyland, and more.

For Karachiites, the best thing to enjoy in summer is playing around the seaside. We have several beaches, including Clifton, Hawks Bay, and Sea View, starting with the open and breezing areas. The city also has numerous parks, such as BAGH IBNE QASIM, ZAMZAMA PARK, KARACHI SAFARI PARK, Hilal Park, Churna Island, and more.

Although almost all small and big cities have some parks for kids and adults, adding all the names here in one post is tricky. So we have only included three big names.

Made your list to visit this summer? Now plan what you will do in those amazing parks and beaches. You can:

  • Play cricket, football, or any other sport your kid’s love
  • Hop on to your kid’s favorite rides with them
  • Eat and drink healthy items
  • Ride a camel, horse, or an elephant
  • Swim or play in the water
  • And more

Things to Do When Going Out of the City

Head Out of the Town

The best way to enjoy summer vacations is to head towards the northern areas. Murree, Nathiagali, Abbottabad, Naran, Kaghan, and Swat are a few names you might want to discover this summer.

For some, these places might be good enough to spend a day. For others, plan a few nights to make it more happening. If staying in an exquisite hotel isn’t an option, you may search for some vacation homes. 

And if you love spending time among the long trees and mountains, buying a vacation home might do the job. We have written a post listing the five best places to buy vacation homes in Pakistan. You should check that out when planning to acquire a vacation home.

Book an Air Ticket

Visiting your aunt or uncle aboard is one of the best things you can do during the summer. If you have plans like that, book air tickets long before time to save some bucks and use the money more wisely.

Want to Develop a Skill?

The summer vacations could be your best time to develop a missing skill so that you have grown out when you rejoin the office or school/university. I remember the time (not my summer vacation) when I learned the basics of WordPress and SEO. After two months, I launched my blog (which is dead now for some reason) and posted a few blogs. It was a well-spent time. Identify your weaknesses and enroll in a course that could equip you with the missing skill. Try Udemy or Coursera to uplift your skills.


There is a lot more you can do this summer. Whatever you plan, plan before time, so you don’t waste time.

We love hearing from you. Please share how you would plan to spend the summer vacation. We might add that to our list and help others make the most of their summertime.

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