5 Best Real Estate Investment Ideas in Pakistan

Not stocks. Not forex. And not bonds. Real estate is the only best thing investors get in Pakistan. If you do it right, this industry single-handedly turns things in your favour. But if you take it easy as pie, it could drag you to horrifying and sleepless nights. Want to invest in real estate in Pakistan? This blog is the best thing for you.

Types of Real Estate Investments in Pakistan

Living in Pakistan is no less than a challenge. You often get underpaid. Expenses are usually higher than your income. And don’t even talk about your wants. Only the rich can think of that. But if you’re smart and have a low income, you can still consider investing in real estate.

In this post, we have provided a few ways you can invest in real estate and earn generous income. After that, we have added some real estate projects where you can invest today and earn for a long time. The whole idea of this post is to give you the best real estate investment ideas in Pakistan. So let’s dive into that.

Invest in Land

Although, buying a piece of land is costly in today’s time. You still have plenty of options to invest and earn a profit in the long run.

Buying a piece of land is still cheaper than buying a home. Look for new societies that allow you to pay the cost in easy instalments. Every big and small city is witnessing new communities where developers invite small to large investors to invest while the developers work towards developing the societies.

These societies usually offer a plan with an easy downpayment and monthly payment plans. Find the one that best fits your regular income, arrange a downpayment, and start paying the instalment from the next month.

Invest in Rental Properties

Living in your own house? That means you’re saving a handsome amount of money. Don’t save that extra cash in your wallet or bank account. Instead, invest in rental properties.

Real estate companies often offer build-to-sell homes when they start a new project. Look for such projects and invest where convenient. Bahria Town is one of the key players in this industry. They come with an investment scheme from time to time, allowing you to earn from rental properties.

Like investing in a piece of land, these investment assets start with a down payment and a monthly instalment plan. Once you have possession, please find a new tenant for the house and rent it out, so you get an extra source of income in addition to an asset.

Invest in Hotel Apartments

Hotel apartments are a newer investment idea in the country. The properties are relevantly expensive and attract those with considerable leftovers by the end of each month.

Since these are hotel apartments, we suggest investing in areas with loads of incoming tourists and travellers. Places like Nathia Gali are one of the best places to invest in furnished hotel apartments

Invest in Commercial Properties

Commercial projects are usually more expensive than residential projects. But they offer a better return on investment. 

Commercial investment projects have always been so popular. The only thing you need to consider is who is the developer behind that commercial project and the probable traffic flow. Based on this idea and an initial conversation with the developer, you can estimate the possible outcome you would expect in the project’s completion stage.

Hint: look for commercial investment projects in big cities – Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Multan.

Invest and Earn

Did you know that you can still earn while not renting the property or even after the project is completed? In 2020, real estate developers started working on such projects while the coronavirus was new and still in the hype. These companies invested a small amount of your investment in their ongoing projects and created a plan of several years to return a little sum from the leftover.

The idea is relevant and unclear to the masses. Suppose you hear of such a project and wish to invest. Research before investing your savings. Such projects often start for as low as PKR 1,000,000.

The Top Real Investment Projects.

Finding a suitable real estate project could be challenging in Pakistan. For that, we have listed a few options here:

RMAAC Developers

The company is new but has delivered several projects. Their most prominent and ongoing project is the Zen Apartments in Nathiagali. It is a furnished hotel apartment plan. For more details, visit Zen Apartments or Zameen.com.

Zem Builders

It is rare to see a real estate project with a 30-floor apartment in Pakistan. But tall buildings are getting popular in the country. Zem Gardenia is a new project by Zem Builders. The project will be delivered in the business hub of Bahria Town, Phase 7, Rawalpindi.

Defence Housing Authority (DHA)

Defence Housing Authority is an age-old real estate company. It doesn’t require any introduction. The company plans new projects in almost all the big cities, including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Find the company in your city, look for the best real estate investment option, and invest.

Bahria Town

Bahria Town is also a prominent name in the country. It has almost every investment option in the country and works in nearly all the big cities. Visit their website and find out if anything comes under your budget.

Naya Pakistan

This real estate project was initiated during Imran Khan’s ruling period. The project attracts low and middle-class families to buy their dream houses and start living soon as the project is completed. 

Where to Invest in Pakistan?

Listing all the best real estate investment ideas in Pakistan takes time and effort. The five listed here are for everyone – low to the elite class. Wherever you invest next, research the builders and their plan and then invest.

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