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Real Estate Marketing Strategies in Pakistan

For centuries, Pakistan has been famous for its old Mughal architecture. However, in the present age, stone and mortar are not enough to attract buyers. You need to stand out from the crowd to make your name, and marketing is the only way to do that in today’s day and age. I am not talking about traditional marketing here. I am referring to digital marketing strategies that can boost your business in the real estate market. It is not about location but more about the attention you bring to your business. 

We are here with these proven marketing strategies to tell you how you can bring the needed attention to your business.

Compelling Online Presence:

real estate market
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Online presence is often used interchangeably with strong social media presence. While this is true, it is not limited to social media only. Online presence also includes an interactive web design, quality blog posts, strong brand identity, website optimization, and positive reviews. 

In today’s bustling real estate market, having a strong online presence is not a luxury but a necessity. For a compelling online presence, you may start with a well-optimized website for your business. 

– Website:

Your website is your store now. People will come to your website to know about your business. It has to have a design that is easy to navigate for users and a visible call to action. Optimize your website for better SERPs. You can also keep your listings well organized on your website and add honest details about each listing. Not only that, you can also define your listings based on each real estate niche they belong to.

– Quality Content:

Once you know all about your target audience, try to post blogs that resonate with your audience. You should try to create high-quality content that addresses the target audience as humans and not a few unnamed individuals. While producing content, you can address the exact pain points or motivations your audience might have. Being a content creator myself, I understand it is hard to write for a huge audience. What you can do is imagine you are writing for one person and giving your all to persuade that one person. You can even create his whole personality through your ideal client profile review. 

– Mobile Responsive website:

According to a report, Google has put Pakistan among four countries to provide the next billion mobile phone users by 2024. The purpose of telling this is that Pakistan is a mobile-first nation. Even people in rural areas have smartphones and cellular data. To reach a huge pool of potential buyers, why not make your website mobile-responsive? After all, the stats indicate that the majority population is mobile users. 

Utilize Social Media for Your Best Interest:

real estate market

Social media has become a powerful tool for digital marketing. Cliche right? But this cliche couldn’t be more true. Gone are the days of huge, faceless billboard ads. People now want engagement. Short attention spans also make it hard to retain your potential leads. However, if you use the right platforms for the right purposes, there is a big chance you can successfully retain and convert your leads into customers. Just like a screwdriver cannot be used to hammer the nails in, similarly, not all platforms can be used for the same content. Let’s look into each platform’s target audience. 


Facebook is your ideal marketplace. It is great for targeting local audiences for your real estate business. It also helps you in targeting the specific audience which can be turned into potential buyers. From Facebook, you can build a community for your business through groups and events. That is why the engagement opportunities on Facebook are endless. You can create polls on different insights into real estate. You can do Q&A sessions with your audience as well. These strategies can also give you a lot of insight into your target audience’s interests and pain points. 

Type of content on Facebook:

You can use Facebook for long-form text posts. However, you may break the text with images to retain the attention of your target audience. Facebook is ideal for generating website traffic, building brand identity, and sharing informative content. For example as a real estate business, you can use Facebook to share what’s trending in the real estate market. Where is the market leading to? When is the best time to invest in real estate? 


Instagram is all about visual short-form content, like reels, stories, and high-quality pictures. It is the best for showcasing your listings to the target audience. Remember the audience on Instagram is younger than the audience on Facebook. You can target the aspiring younger generation. Plea to their dream of having their own homes. Play on their emotions and sell them their dream with expansive balconies, Lavish pools in the sunlight, and cozy calm living rooms with a view to their well-maintained lawns. Of course, this is just an example, you can do a lot more with the visuals of your listings to plead to the audience’s emotions.  

It’s not all about the place of living. It has a lot to do with the surroundings as well. You can show the neighborhood, the trendy nearby cafes, for youngsters, and the vibrant marketplace nearby for families. 

Type of content for Instagram

The audience on Instagram consumes content intently. Yeah, they may doom scroll (we all do, *wink*), but the thing with doom scroll is that you and I scroll right away if the content is not interesting to us, that’s what intent means. The attention span of the Instagram audience is quite short. That tells us we need to create short-form visually aesthetic, engaging content. Keep the captions short, and concise (to the point) with trending hashtags in the real estate market. You can also create a series of short videos for your listings. One thing that will really help your real estate business is that on Instagram you can take your audience to virtual tours of the listings. 


YouTube is your place to be a real marketing guru. You can post long-form videos with all the ins and outs of real estate marketing. You can be a trusted real estate advisor for your audience who has all the insights for buying and selling properties. You can make content like how to ensure that the property is legally owned by the seller. Or how they can improve their homes. What’s architecture, what styles are trending, etc?  

Type of content for YouTube:

The audience on YouTube has a relatively longer attention span. They intently search for a specific video on YouTube. People are looking for in-depth information on YouTube. If someone comes to your channel, they would expect to gain knowledge about the real estate market. You need to post content on YouTube that has high-quality information and lets your audience know that you are an expert in your field. You can look into making high-quality visually engaging podcasts on topics related to real estate. You can interview experts and ask the audience to leave questions for the guests. You can also look into live Q&A with the audience.  


LinkedIn is best for B2B marketing. It is best for networking, and connecting with market experts. Having a LinkedIn profile will add credibility to your business. But having a profile is not enough. You need to showcase your knowledge about the real estate market strategies. You can post your listings on LinkedIn as well with captivating but formal text. You can also post pictures or videos of real estate events or conferences you attended. You can even learn from webinars on LinkedIn as well. You can also start your webinar to update the audience about your business about the listings. For reference, you can look at’s LinkedIn page.

Content brings leads:

Content is definitely king if written effectively. Website content like long-form and short-form blogs bring leads like crazy. It is said that the audience reads at least three to four blogs on the business website before engaging with it. If your blogs are good, full of infographics and SEO techniques and the content is engaging, leads will pour in no time. (You are also reading a blog right now, says a lot right?) Just don’t overdo it with the keywords and the infographics. That may hurt your rankings on search engine result pages. 

A well-written content/article/blog:

  • Has both the quality and the quantity. 
  • Is written for humans and not for search engines.
  • Builds trust and authority.
  • Drives conversions.
  • Builds engagement.

As you find yourself lost in this blog, consider the importance of a well-written blog, and how it can convey information seamlessly as well as leave a lasting impression on the readers. 

The Bottom Line:

Having a strong social media presence is your only savior in the saturated real estate market. In this day and age when attention spans are shorter than 9 seconds, an engaging and compelling social media marketing strategy can help you stay on top for a long time. It is not limited to social media, well-written blog content can also help you reach the top of the SERPs. 

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