Nation Is Celebrating The 76th Independence Day of Pakistan! Are We Free In True Sense?

Finally, Independence Day is here

With the swinging Flags in the air

Celebration is just like a fare

People are taking troths and swear

Pakistan is blood in our veins that glare

Its soil is our skin and the cloth we wear

It gives us hope and tranquility in despair

Freedom is a blessing, and we are its heir

And we know how to prepare,

The defense of the State, which is a prayer

The Independence Day of Pakistan

Pakistan is a journey from a dream to reality! On the 14th of this month, Pakistanis across the world are going to celebrate the 76th Independence Day of Pakistan. From the start of August, whenever you go out and wherever you go, you frequently see the Flag of Pakistan.

Freedom is a blessing, and being Pakistanis, we are its heir. We celebrate this day with full zeal and enthusiasm, but while celebrating, have you ever thought, are we free and enjoying all the fundamental rights of free citizens of Pakistan?

In the light of the constitution of Pakistan, every citizen has a right to speak freely, live freely, enjoy, and, more importantly, choose freely. Every citizen is equal in the eye of the State despite caste, color, creed, and religion.

It’s tough for patriotic citizens to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan because we are going through one of the worst crises of our history as foreign powers and agencies hijack our State.

In this blog, we will go through various aspects of why we are not independent yet in the true sense and why third parties are always trying to interfere in our State.

Why Others Are Interfering in Our State Affairs

Geographically, Pakistan is a gateway to the world’s mineral and oil-rich Middle Eastern countries. Most counties try establishing their stronghold in Pakistan to get easy access to these states and take advantage of their mineral possessions.

Moreover, Pakistan is a result of an ideology, Two Nation Theory, in which Muslims are separate from non-Muslims based on their religion. Our founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah always wanted to unite all the Muslim states under one flag, so they fought for each other so no one could treat them brutally. Right now, superpowers of the world don’t want to see Muslims united because most of the Muslim countries are located in those regions of the world which are rich in mineral and oil wealth; if they get stronger, they will decide the fate of their mineral and materialistic possessions on their own.

After Independence, Pakistan has significantly progressed in the military and ordnance sector. Pakistan is making its weapons and collaborating with other countries to make state-of-the-art and highly technologically advanced weapons like JF 17 thunder jet, many missiles, etc. The ordnance factories in the US, one of the world’s superpowers, are the major contributor to its GDP. Therefore the US never wants any country, especially Muslim states, to become self-sufficient in the armament sector. Weapon selling and exporting are the factors behind US provoking physical wars like civil wars, guerilla wars, and wars against terrorism.

In Addition to it, Pakistan became the first Muslim State with nuclear weapons on 28th May 1998. This act of Pakistan has hurt the esteem of many countries. As a result, they are always trying to destabilize Pakistan to get access to our nuclear weapons, so we may not be able to talk confidently to them and support our brother nations against the brutal acts developed countries are committing against Muslims.

We have always seen unrest between Russia and the US because Russia supports Communism, whereas the USA supports a democratic system. World was previously divided into two blocs, one supporting Russia and the other supporting the US; Pakistan always backed the US against Russia. Presently, Pakistan is trying to develop a better relationship with Russia which we and its supporting countries are not liking.

China, an emerging world superpower in terms of development, economy, and weapons, is Pakistan’s neighbor and trustworthy friend. China is backing many developmental projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which will change the fate of Pakistan and help us stand on our feet, make independent decisions and get ourselves free from the cage of the IMF. The US always disliked our closeness with China as it would help us to become strong and break the dominance of the US in our state affairs.

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Are We Free In True Sense?

Every year we celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan with the whole national spirit but have you ever thought, are we free? Are we free to exercise our acts? Every year we launch new national songs and wear green and white. Is it what freedom is all about? In my view, it’s not enough, you might think differently, and we may have differences of opinion, but in my opinion, it’s not independence in the true sense. Although we got independent back in 1947, still, we are mentally and physically being ruled by foreigners who are deciding our fate. And do you know what is the worst form of slavery? It’s when someone mentally possesses you; physically, Britishers have left the subcontinent, but they are still ruling our minds, and after so many years, we cannot free our minds from their marks!

In a true sense, we are not only bearing a mental slavery but also a physical slavery of our capitalistic system where the poor are getting poorer, and the rich are becoming more prosperous.

From day one, we have had a democratic system interrupted by a very long period of dictatorship. It’s very well said that if you want to slow the progress of any nation, target their leadership. If the leaders are corrupt and prefer their motives over national goals, progress slows down. Moreover, nations follow whatever their leaders do, so as a whole, our national goals should have been addressed on both ends leading to stillness and stagnancy.

Two parties are ruling our political system, and it’s more like family rule where the throne is handed over from father to children, and no other party or local leader can take power. If anyone tries to break this chain, they face severe losses such as loss of their lives or their near ones, loss of property, and most importantly, their esteem. Suppose anyone from the ruling family tries to bring about positive changes in the life of a local man. In that case, they, too, face severe circumstances like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. So, if you want to rule, you must be a member of the ruling family and selfish enough to consider yourself superior to the nation.

Being sensible people, we clearly understand that our ruling families, too, are not free; they are the puppets of our establishment, which is controlled by international authorities. So, in short, everyone is a slave to their bosses; the nation is serving the ruling parties, the ruling parties are pleasing the establishment, and the establishment is the puppet of international agencies and government.

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Evidence Of Our Slavery

Some of you won’t agree with my view. Still, the most apparent evidence of our slavery is the recent Lettergate case, a conspiracy to throw away the popular national government of Pakistan that has broken the strong network of two-party leadership.

PTI, the famous political party of Pakistan, came into power due to the 2018 elections. Our Prime Minister Imran Khan stood straight in front of all the threats attacking the State’s prosperity at that time. He delivered a strong speech at UNO to invite enemies to the bench for peace talks and warned them of severe consequences if they want to open a war front. Our Prime minister not only became the voice of Pakistanis but also raised his voice against Islamophobia and cruelties against Muslims in Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Bosnia, etc. He came out to be a hero of the whole nation and the Muslim community.

Besides strengthening Muslims in the Muslim bloc and representing them internationally, our Prime Minister adopted an independent foreign policy and decided not to get involved in the international wars as Pakistan has already paid a great price for terrorism. He doesn’t want to bring more damage to our country. He mentioned that he would be part of every peace talk but no wars anymore.

This courageous man made an alliance with Russia which served as a last blow for PTI’s government because it hit the ego of the US directly, and the US signaled out to Pakistan for punishment in the form of the removal of Imran Khan from his office.

As a result of an international conspiracy, an amalgam of 11 parties came into power and brought down all the positive impacts of Imran Khan’s government and has dragged the country again into the never-ending darkness of inflation where everyone is busy striving for their survival against high taxation, inflation, and unemployment.

Break The Cage and Set Free

After the removal of Imran Khan from his office, we have seen a spirit in our nation to break the cage and set free. The evidence of getting free can be seen in agitation against the international conspiracy. It shows the nation’s spirit to no longer serve our so-called masters and choose our leaders via general elections.

Let’s set ourselves free and vote for Pakistan and our freedom in the coming elections of 2023! Let’s vote for our bright future so we can celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan with real spirit!

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