Shakarparian: a tranquil oasis

Shakarparian: Unwind At Nature’s Tranquil Oasis

Shakarparian: Unwind At Nature’s Tranquil Oasis

Imagine a place where the city noise fades, and all you can hear are the rustling leaves. The air is crisp , filled with the scent of blooming flowers. The place where you forget about your chaotic life and lose yourself to nature’s blissful heaven. Right in the heart of Islamabad lies such an oasis called Shakarparian where life comes at a pause, and everything slows down.
In this blogpost we will take you on a journey to the serene oasis of nature exploring its history, attractions and much more. 

The history of Shakarparian:

  • The name Shakarparian has been derived from pothwari languages. Shakar in the local language means sweet whereas parian means a layover or a resting place. The name literally suggests that the place is a sweet layover. 
  • Before the Indo-Pak Partition, there was an old clan Ghakars residing in the area. After Partition in 1960’s the area was marked for the city of islamabad hence the clan had to move from that place. 

Location and accessibility:

Located near zero point Islamabad, Shakarparian is easily accessible to the tourists.It is at a distance of 9.2 km form the main city of Islamabad making it a 15 min drive. Elevated at 1998 meters above the sea level, it offers a picturesque view of the city including Rawal lake. It is near  to all the major landmarks as well as hotels to ensure that you enjoy the tranquility of nature without straying too far from civilization.   

Usually such places have entry tickets but entry to this park is free. The Park is also open from 7am to 7pm everyday providing a breathtaking view of sunrise and sunsets in the city .  

Features of the tranquil oasis:

There are a lot of political and cultural landmarks at Shakarparian, a few of them are as follows.  

  • Friendship park:

The international friendship park was established in 1960 by the CDA. The prime ministers and presidents of the various countries  planted trees at the park as a mark of the friendly relations with them . In this park lies a significant tree that marked the start of Sino- Pak relations planted by the Chinese prime minister in 1964. 

  • Amphitheater: The first amphitheater (open air theater) of Islamabad was built in Shakarparian in the 70’s. The purpose of the theater was to hold artistic performances from dramas to concerts. 
  • Chand Tara sculpture:

The Chand Tara sculpture was placed in the area by Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto to mark the organization of Islamic countries summit. It is placed between Shakarparian and Rose and Jasmine garden.

  • Lotus lake:

There used to be a natural lake in the area surrounded by lotus flowers. It used to present amazing views at sunset and was a perfect spot for a picnic. However the lake has now disappeared due to the building of the cultural complex at the foot of the hills. 

  • Parade ground:

The famous Parade ground at this place is for holding military ceremonies such as passing out of cadets, as well as organizing parade ceremonies on 23rd march every year. 

Activities and attractions at Shakarparian:

Shakarparian has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a history enthusiast or someone looking for an escape from city life, it will provide you with both nature and history as well. 

Picturesque view of the city:

The views from the Shakarparian park are to die for. If you are a photo enthusiast, you can have beautiful landscapes of sunset and sunrise at this place.

Jogging tracks:

Shakarparian national park has well-maintained jogging tracks for the runners of all levels.It is also home to many indigenous plants and trees. It offers running or walking amidst nature making it all the more peaceful and refreshing.  

Monuments and Museums:

Shakarparian is home to many famous monuments and museums such as the Museum of natural history, the museum of islamic art, Lok Virsa heritage museum and the famous Pakistan monument. If you are a history enthusiast , these places are perfect for you holding the old architecture and interesting facts about the region. 

Picnic Spots:

Thanks to many famous attractions in the area , the hillpark at the place has become the most popular picnic spot. The park is well maintained, holding activities for people of all ages. There are children’s play areas, food stalls for adults and jogging tracks for runners offering the beautiful views of the city and rose gardens nearby as well. 

Nearby dining options:

There are many dining options from food stalls to fine dining restaurants in the area. The staff is quite welcoming and friendly. Whether you need a snack or a full course meal the food stalls and nearby cafes have it all for you . The cafe 1969 ,Yogi Hous and the breeze restaurant are walking distance from the Pakistan monument.

The bottom line:

Shakarparian offers a tranquil escape from the stresses of life and the chaotic noisy city life. Its, 

Picturesque views, diverse attractions, and activities, and the historical monuments make it a must visit place. Whether you are a nature lover, a history enthusiast or someone looking for escape from your chaotic life, it has a little something for everyone.  If you are looking for a peaceful retreat, this is the place for you.  Next time you are in the city, make sure you visit this place and experience nature’s refreshing embrace!

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